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8-Reasons why most authors fail to sell their book?

Becoming a bestselling author or a billionaire author is hard/difficult.

But do you know many authors earn millions because of their books?

How do they achieve this success?

Solution- there are some right hacks you must do after finishing writing your book. You can’t expect your book will itself become a bestseller, even if it is a fantastic book.

Authors face a lot of difficulties. Whether it is with writing their books, publishing, or even marketing it. Writing a book is hard, and selling them is even harder. The author also faced a lot of issues after they finished writing.

In this blog post, I’m going to mention them with solutions. I hope it will solve your problem and give you an idea of how to market your book properly.

Reasons most author fails to sell their book-

Make it more interesting.

The story of a book is the most interesting part, but it’s not the only part which the reader finds interesting. A book comprises cover pages and pictures too. If your cover page or front page is failing to impress your readers, there might be the chance that your cover page is not up to the mark.

You have heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but unfortunately it’s not true. People do judge a book by its cover. So, make it perfect and interesting.

You’re an author and not a photo editor. You can’t do everything on your own.

Here is the hack for you-

Hire a professional book cover designer for the front page/cover page but also make a budget plan so you don’t spend more than enough money on a single task. Remember, save your money for book promotion and branding to launch your great shout-out.

  • Book Spine is the key to success, Have you ever noticed books on bookshelves? Only the book's spine is displayed to the customer. So, do not forget to give equal attention while designing the book cover spine.

2. You have chosen a bad market or mixed niche.

What if a book is both a romantic novel and a self-help book? This combination is not great, and it sucks too. If the niche of the book is not properly decided, you can’t even market the book because your readers will be confused about the book.

For example- A romantic novel lover picks the above book, which is both romantic and self-help. He/she will become confused about what you want to convey. Unfortunately, He/ she will not read it with great interest.

Never combine two completely different niches in your story. Write strictly according to your niche.

Here the hack- Decide the niche way before writing.

3.Spending a lot of money only on the making of the book and not on the marketing.

Making a book is not the only important thing. Marketing is even way more important.

Authors are always excited about their books, whether it is the story, front page, or the editing of the book. They have a mindset that- every author spends on their book. So, the author feels like it is good to spend more money on the making of the book.

The author spends more than enough money on only the cover and editing of the book that they forget they have to do the marketing of the book. This causes a poor marketing campaign of books which ultimately leads to fewer sales or even no sales.

Here is the hack- you must plan your finances. Make a plan (where you have to spend a lot of pennies or where you have to spend less money). Keep track.

4) Your passion is not enough to become a bestseller.

Some people like to be called authors, that’s why they write. They never consider if their story needs any improvement. Writing a story is a passion but it is also a skill. Skill is not something that one is born with. Improving the skill of writing should be one of the most important priorities of authors.

Now, How can you improve your writing skills to generate more sales?

If you think reading a lot of books will help you improve your skills then it’s unfortunate for you because you don’t have to read a lot of books to get inspired. You are never gonna learn anything because a published book is for readers and not for authors.

Here is how you can improve your skills-

  • Give more attention to your negative reviews and feedbacks and always try to improve it by taking it as a positive way to improve.

  • Focus more on your basic and not on using advanced techniques to write your book.

  • Share your story with writers and authors. Ask them for suggestions. Their suggestions are always worth it as they are experienced.

  • Accept the fact that your first draft of the story needs a lot of improvement and time.

5) You forget about this step.

Many authors think only about writing. Writing a story is hard and needs more concentration. But while writing a story, the Author completely forgets about marketing.

Marketing is the only way people will know that you have published a book. Otherwise, No one is going to know that you have written a story.

This is one of the most common reasons authors fail to sell their books- Authors have poor marketing plans or strategies. An author shouldn’t only think about the story but also about the marketing.

Here the hack how you can market your book as an author-

  • Create your personal brand by creating an account on trending social media.

  • Connect with the audience and tell them that, you're an author and writing a book.

  • Create your personal website as an author, post blogs and generate traffic on your website. This will help you to prepare list of your target audiences.

6. Your goal of selling books is hard

An author published a book and he is hoping to get a lot of sales because his book has a fantastic story. But guess what, it didn’t happen.

Why? Because-

A fantastic story with no marketing strategy never generates any sales. Marketing is a skill and selling takes time. A published book is not going to generate sales Unless you perfectly plan a pre-launch or a perfect marketing strategy.

Here is the hack on how to make a perfect marketing strategy plan-

  • Identify your readers and marketing goals.

  • Create a profile of your readers, and make ads according to the profile.

  • Create ads by understanding your readers.

  • Try surveys, and different ads, Monitor which ad is doing great.

  • Run ads only on trending social media. (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube)

  • Hire a professional marketing team for your book.

7. Is the marketing only about you?

Marketing is important, but it shouldn't be about you. It should be about your book. Many authors market their book, but not properly.

For generating sales, you must convey your message properly about your book. Make sure that the Ad campaign focuses more on your book and its story. Create a buzz through the ads of books.

Here the hack-

  • Hire professional to create ads on your own.

  • Discuss it with a professional marketing team. If you haven’t hired a professional marketing team. You can also a professional branding manager like SankalpArt.

8.Don’t handle everything on your own.

A book required many professionals to complete or publish. Professionals like Illustrator, Editor, Designer, A marketing team. All these works are different from writing a book. Every work of the book needs a skilled professional. Whether it’s marketing, designing, or editing.

Here is the list of professional you required for your book-

  • Illustrator

  • Graphic Designer

  • Editor

  • Animator for the book trailer

  • Website developer

  • Marketing team

A book needs many professional artists because every piece of work needs determination and skills.

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