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8 reasons writing a book is hard?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Writing a whole new book is a challenge for beginners. It not only involves hard work but also discipline. You may think how tough is writing a book? If you’re an aspiring (Author) and writing a new book, you may know what I’m talking about?

Here are the 8- Reasons Writing a book is hard?

While writing, many authors face a lot of difficulties. It is also an achievement for authors because it involves a lot of skills, patience, and the right methods of writing.

1. Writing an unrealistic character

We all get inspired by characters in the story of books. Getting inspired is good, and it also gives motivation, but your inspiration should be limited while writing, Why? Because too much of anything is dangerous, even if it is getting too much inspiration from a character.

When you get inspired by a character. You think a lot about only the good side of the character and it affects your writing and ultimately makes your character look unrealistic.

Solution- Stop getting too much inspired about characters from books, T. V series, and films. While writing, focus only on your original thoughts and avoid reading books and watching T. V series, films which may bias your original thoughts.

2. Brilliant ideas just disappear

An author’s mind is full of ideas and creativity but everyone has a so-called leakage in their brains. Whenever you come up with a brilliant idea, the chances are that you’re going to forget it after a few hours. It happens, and it’s natural to forget.

Solution- Whenever you feel you have a good idea for your book, write it down immediately or make notes of your idea in your diary.

3. Stop making it perfect

I know every author wants to write bestselling books, but it doesn’t mean that it should be perfect. A PERFECT STORY IS A MYTH. No book has a story with a perfect character. Perfection will never allow you to write a realistic book.


Solution- Stop trying to make it perfect. Try to keep it real. Don’t rewrite an idea or chapter again and again.

4. Reviewing the chapter makes a story complete

You were writing your bestselling novel and finally completed it. Then you read it, but find some errors and a lack of connection with chapters. You were writing optimistically with too much passion but it still happened?

But how and why it happened?

Writing continuously from the very first page to the last page is impossible. An author takes time to complete a story and break the story into chapters. While writing some chapters or scenes, it just doesn’t seem to connect with each other because sometimes authors forget to write a particular scene or idea.

Solution- Always review your previous work before and after you finish writing. It will give a sense of connectivity between the scenes and chapters. By doing this, you will get an idea where you have to write a particular idea and connect it with other scenes.

5. Distractions

You write, and a notification pops up on your phone. You use social media and an hour passes away. Now, you don’t feel motivated to write your book with the same energy.

Distraction makes you unproductive.

Keep your phone and social media away while writing. It will distract you from idea. It disturbs you and affects your writing.

Solution- Make a room only for writing, a writer’s room. Inside the room, there should be silence and no phone. Make sure the room is clean and full of motivational quotes.

6. Self-Discipline

While writing you got an amazing idea and got excited. You write all ideas in your chapter. Now, you feel less excited writing your book because you have already written what makes you excited. It is the time when you have to discipline yourself. Stick to writing and have to make it a priority.

Writing a book needs a lot of hard work and self-discipline.

Solution- Make your book your priority. Write your book immediately after you start your day.

7. Procrastination

Maybe some days, you will not feel like doing anything, even writing your own books. This is natural but happens a lot! It’s called procrastination.

Procrastination is a problem for many authors. It can be solved by having a strong will-power and willingness to write your bestselling book!

Many authors cannot find a perfect time for writing. It has become an issue for them. Even if an author decides the time for writing and the time gets delayed, He / She procrastinates.

Solution- Making a perfect strategy for procrastination solves this problem.

Here are some tips for you:

• Keep your laptop/Writing pad/Dairy (basically your draft book/story) in an organized way

• Create a timetable for your day-to-day work

• Every day, make a to-do list and mark writing a book as your priority

8. Fear

Is my book looking good or not? Is the ending of the book fine or is it realistic? These are some common fears which lead to self-doubt.

Self-doubt lowers your confidence in writing. Instead, you can use this fear to your advantage. How?

Negative thoughts and fear lead to negative overthinking, but it also energizes you. Use this energy in your improvement. If you feel some of your work is not up to the mark, instead of overthinking, take it as a challenge for you to improve.

You can also make your own team of supportive people who encourage you

Solution- Stop overthinking. Take your weakness as a challenge. Make a supportive team. Be with the people who encourage you and your efforts.

Please do comment and lets discuss, if you have any difficulty or solution for aspiring authors!

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