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Do book reviews help to sell?

Book reviews are not just feedback! A book review includes a lot of things, even much more than you think. It helps you in many ways If you are an aspiring author, you probably getting some random messages on your Instagram and Facebook for Amazon book review packages! And first thought pop up in mind, is this a SCAM? Or buying book reviews helpful and legal? Well, it is certainly not legal if amazon book review not done organically. For example, if you will provide free .pdf file to someone and asked for review on amazon, it will be declined by the Amazon kdp.

Then What you should do for organically get reviews and do it really helpful to sell more books? This blog included such questions and enroll with most useful, practically used with proven results tricks and tips!

What is covered?

1. Importance of reviews

1.1 More Discoverable

1.2 Time saver

1.3 Better sales

1.4 Amazon Reviews

1.5 Personal branding

2.) Why you shouldn't worry about negative feedback.

2.1) Negative reviews help you understand

what your readers want.

2.2) States that reviews are real.

3.) How to ask for reviews.

3.1) Ask your fans

3.2) Give away your book to influencers

1.) Importance of Reviews.

1.1 More discoverable.

Websites like Amazon and Goodreads prefer books that have more reviews. It helps the book to discover even more. Amazon suggests books as 'you might also like this' or 'Customers who viewed this item also viewed. It increases the potential to discover even more.

1.2 Time saver.

Whenever you buy something online, you probably first look at the reviews and then decide to purchase it. The same goes for books. Readers find it more comfortable buying books that have reviews. It builds trust and saves time for readers. Many readers look at the review first and read the description of the book, which helps them to connect and know more about the book. Reviews help them know what the book is about and what readers are trying to find and read.

1.3 More sales.

Popularity is fame that everyone wants. If something is popular, other people want it too. If any book has a lot of reviews, it is considered being popular. People love to buy popular things, even books too, and this popularity leads to more sales of the book.

1.3) More credible.

Having a lot of reviews for your book increases the credibility of the book. When readers see a book that has received a lot of reviews, they buy it. They will not hesitate to buy something that many people are enjoying and sharing why they enjoy the book as a review.

1.4) Book reviews are essential to build

your brand as an author

If you're an author, you're probably building your personal brand. A personal brand needs validation, credibility, and trust from the reader, and reviews give it all. Personal brands grow faster when they have more reviews because people see them as an authority and trust them.

2.) Why you shouldn't worry about negative feedback.

Whether you write a perfect book and put your all efforts into the book, people are still going to give you negative feedback. But it doesn't mean that you have written a terrible book or have many mistakes in it. It happens because people have different beliefs and perspectives. So, it is expected that your book is going to have a critical review. But don't worry, having a terrible review and a 1-star review is actually good for you.

And, here is how it is good.

if you have many reviews, readers focus on 1-star review

importance of 1-star book review

This book is a best seller book on amazon with 22,870 ratings!

But with all 5 stars ratings it also has one star rating too! No one can stop you to reach to your goal, not even a bad or negative review! Keep focusing on your work.

2.1) Negative reviews help you understand what your readers want

Some people notice things you may not notice. Whenever a reader gives a 1-star review, they state the exact thing that they don't like or areas to improve.

Above there is a review of the famous Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone book in which the reader didn't like the starting part and state that he was disappointed

From this review, the author came to know the exact part reader is not liking and can improve it without puzzling.

2.2) It states that reviews are real

Some low rating reviews state that the reviews are real and not fake because it is not necessary that everyone likes your book even if you have written a perfect book. Everyone has their own opinion and perspective. It's impossible for a product to not have terrible reviews.

2.3) Sympathy led to more sale

Some people are sympathetic and know how much effort an author has put into the book. They understand no one has been born with perfection. Whenever they see low rating reviews, they sympathize with the author and ultimately it generates more sales.

Now, you know how important reviews are for books.

Here some ways how can you approach people to give reviews-

3). How to ask for reviews.

3.1) Ask your fans

Ask your fans and potential readers to read your book and give reviews. Make sure your book is available on websites like Amazon and Goodreads where potential readers always visit.

Check this recently published children's book "Learning Together with Sally and Kate" and show your support!

3.2) Give away your book to influencers

It is perhaps a marketing technique but works well for reviews. Give your book to read by influencers and ask them for an honest review through a video. It will generate more sales as their fans will also buy the book on the recommendation of the influencers.

Conclusion- Yes, reviews help in the better sale of your book. It gives you more credibility, trust and makes you an authority. When there are a lot of reviews, Amazon and Goodreads make your book discoverable. Reviews also help you connect easier to the readers.

It makes you improve in your field of writing and also lets you know how you can improve. Making your personal brand grow becomes easy when people support you through their reviews and feedback. Now, when you get the point of usefulness of the review, it would be glad to get your valuable review and feedback in comment section about this article!

It would be great if you spare your time to check the book "Learning Together with Sally and Kate"!

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