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How school can benefit themselves through children's books.

How school can benefit themselves through children's books.

What if I tell you that a story can benefit your school more than paid ads, social media and, you can enhance students' personalities through fun ways?

You may think about how it is possible?

So, I have the answer to this question.

Schools focus on the development of children through the textbook but they don't have an interest in reading them. No one can change a person's life without his/her consent and it is true for kids too. Making development in a fun way for children is a way to make it happen.

Why students don't like textbooks and interested in comic books?

A textbook comprises text and information written in plain words with a lot of questions. Students have fear of exams and tests, that's why they study their textbooks. Most of the students are not interested in reading their textbooks. They feel burden and information in textbooks doesn't relate to their life.

But, they like comics and even remember the dialogs of comic books and fun-learning children's books.

Why this happens that both are books but they like comics?

Because; It is fun and doesn't feel like a burden no one is going to ask them questions and take tests. Curriculum books have cartoons too but it doesn't relate to them in a fun way.

Let's See what school Principals says:

Mrs. Namrata Bhatnagar

Principal of Daisy Dales Sr. Sec. School, INDIA, established in 1990.

It’s well said that ‘World is the biggest school, which truly tests the caliber of a student’. Books makes the student self effacing and help to develop imagination and creativity which opens doors to all kinds of new world for them. Expression is the most important part of student’s personality. Without it, he is like a fish out of the pond.
Reading children's book improves vocabulary and language skills. Just as physical activities like running, swimming and Yoga keeps our body fit, similarly reading exercises our brain. Readings make neurons in the brain become more active. It creates a sensation of being able to actually experience the matter portrayed there in.
Reading is stress buster. It helps a student to remain calm and composed. Reading develops a greater ‘acceptance’ mode in the student. It also helps in appreciation of nature and life. Books can open doors to a world of ingenuity and resource fullness. Reading in early years has numerous benefits and is the key to a child mental and emotional growth. Reading makes a student smarter by improving his memory, enhancing empathic skills and even keep away brain degenerative ideas. So, start when young and make reading a daily habit.

How children's book can benefit schools

Every child is special and has personal issues like jealousy, foul language, lying, and many more.

For example- A girl child always thinks about coming first in the school. But, it is not possible every time. Whenever her friends and classmates come first, she becomes jealous, and then she may try to impresses teacher by fake appreciation or "buttering". It seems a tiny issue. But, it will have a great impact on her life later. How? Whenever she becomes an adult and an employee. Imagine the situation that she is not getting a promotion but her colleague is getting it and when she comes to know about it. She tried to manipulate the manager and the boss by her old technique which used to mislead to the harassment.

A minor act of jealousy leads to harassment and now you know how it happened.

How the role of school can change the life of students?

The school knows about the specialty and personal issues like negative thoughts, fears, bad habits of students. Monitoring their behavior and making a track record of it can change the dynasty of schools and children. It will help the school to know children better and enhancing the personalities will become easier. It is the school's responsibility to enhance the personality of the student.

Every school focus on the overall development of the children or student whether it is knowledge or personality. This is why many schools have a subject like moral science. Schools want to teach students moral values as well but they are not doing it in the right way.

How schools can do in a fun way?

If schools try to make these personal development issues a subject or anything like curriculum, it will become a burden like the textbook, students will never read and implement it.

As I mentioned above, why students/children love comics and kid books. Schools should make a customized children's book for the student with the help of the author in such a way that is fun and no teacher or parent will going to ask them questions. It will be written according to the behaviors of students.

Schools should associate with authors, and discuss the practical psychological behavior problems of students with the author. The author will create a story in a fun way according to the behavioral records of the students/children.

The story should convey the reality of bad habits and their disadvantages. It should also contain the solution to solve the issue related to bad habits. This way students will enhance their character in a fun way with no burden.

What benefit school will get after doing this?

Supporting the students morally makes parents happy. When parents see the result in their child's behaviors, they will promote the school to other parents through word of mouth. Schools will gain publicity. Besides that, it will change the lives of children and school will be able to produce a quality life for them. The school will automatically gain new students. The author will also get recognized by the authority of the school.

Let us know your your suggestions!

Please do comment and lets discuss, if you have any difficulty or solution for aspiring authors!

It would be great if you spare your time to check the book " Learning Together with Sally and Kate"!

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