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How to get organic reach for your Author Website

If you always wonder- how to increase the reach of your blog and you want organic reach for your blog and website then you’re in the right place.

When you just started writing blogs, you may always wonder that how to increase organic traffic to your blog. I know how it feels when you have no visitors.

So, let me tell you what's makes a website full of visitors.

Websites have organic reach because of two reasons-

1) It provides a lot of value.

2) It is discoverable.

I know, you are also providing your visitor with a lot of valuable information and may still get few visitors. It is because people don’t know about your content and website or blog.

So, How will you increase the reach of your blog?

Here are some methods to use for organic reach-

  1. Concentrate on both On-page and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO- It is the method of optimizing web page content for search engines and users. It includes optimizing title tags, content, and internal linking of posts.

You should give more focus to meta descriptions and alt text. It should be properly optimized.

Now, if you don’t know what is a meta description and alt text?

So, here is the answer-

The meta description is a short summary of your blog post it is also an HTML tag you can set for a post or page of your website.

Alt text helps the visually impaired in reading the text. It helps in better crawling by search engine crawlers.

Here is a tip- You’re blogging with the help of WordPress, Use Yeast SEO for better meta descriptions.

Off-page SEO- It basically means that you’re optimizing your site but not directly. It is also about SEO about social media (i.e. organic reach on Facebook and Instagram, organic reach on social media, organic reach by platform)

You’re gaining reach from social media, Local SEO, and marketing

It is a powerful method to reach organic traffic. It is as important as on-page SEO because people don’t search for everything.

For example- If you’re a fashion designer student and looking for some inspiration. You probably search on google about fashion designers and you will follow them on social media and then you will take inspiration from fashion influencers through social media. You will not search every time on google for inspiration as you’re getting it from your social media. You will open up your social media and look at the pictures of influencers and if they share blogs, you will open them from social media.

2) E-mail Listing.

If you want people to revisit your book’s blog, an E-mail listing is very important. The process is to collect people’s emails and send them emails on a particular day every time. Make sure you’re providing values to your reader and more value than the people who follow you on social media. It is a proven method for organic reach by making your potential customers revisiting your blog.

Here are some of the email-building software-

1) GetResponse.

2) Mailchimp.

3) Campaigner.

4) Covertkit.

5) HubSpot Marketing hub.

3) Keyword Research.

Keyword research means you’re searching content and want to know how many people are typing the exact same words on google search engine and other social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. How curious are they about the words they are searching and in what format they are consuming the content?

According to the research, you create the content. For example- In this pandemic, Everyone is searching about covid-19 and its prevention. You can research the topic and make the content that everyone wants like how to properly wear a mask, How to quarantine yourself.

And if you are going to make content like what is AIDs and its disadvantages, it will not get more visitors than covid-19’s contents.

4) Linking your blog.

There are two types of linking- Internal linking and external linking.

Internal linking- Internal linking means you’re linking the previous blog post to your current or latest blog through a link. You write a blog and embed the link of the other blog post in your current blog post. It is the link to the same site. It helps the readers to navigate the other blogs of your site too.

External linking- External linking means linking your site to another website through a link on a blog post. Or you can say it is a link from one website to another website. It brings new traffic to your website. Your website will gain more authority and your authority will be recognized by google.

Both Internal linking and external linking are important for better navigation and traffic for your site.

5) Heavy and slow sites.

Google doesn't prefer a site that is slow and less responsive. People don’t like a slow website as well, Hence there will fewer visitors and organic reach. if you sell something like books, people will not respond much if you have a slow website.

6) Long article.

It is not necessary to write a long article for blogs but I do recommend you to write long articles for your blog. Why?

It has advantages, both technically and psychologically.

The psychological factor-

  • The long article is full of valuable information.

  • The visitor can scan the full article.

  • Most people don’t like to read the full article instead, they like to scan it.

  • You’re able to explain the full information so that every visitor can understand.

  • The reader will get the satisfaction of reading a long article.

The Technical factor-

As you know that why the psychological factors is important. Google doesn’t want to disappoint the readers and their psychological factors.

Google prefers websites consist of long articles. But always remember that they are other important factors too. Writing a long article that doesn’t provide value to visitors is just a waste of time.

7) Write hooking Titles.

The title is the first thing your visitors see. Make sure the title is large and triggers their emotions and makes them curious about the topic. Be specific to your readers. Make them think about what’s useful there for me.

Here the examples of the title used by famous website-

  • How to Claim Knowledge Panels in Google For More Organic Visibility by Neil Patel (Uber suggest).

  • 8 Tips for Finding and Hiring the Right SEO Provider by

Please do comment and lets discuss, if you have any difficulty or solution for aspiring authors!

It would be great if you spare your time to check the book " Learning Together with Sally and Kate"!

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