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Do you want visibility for your publishing house or self-authored books? Well, we have the solution! Do you think the traditional ways of promotion are not working, especially now in these times of a global pandemic? Well, we have the answer, read on to find the path to success…

This blog is dedicated to understanding and adapting to new productive ways of getting eyeballs, footfalls, and then eventually sales for our books as a publishing house or an independent author.

As humans, we dread any kind of change, because it means adjustment, research, learning novel ways, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones!

Well, one thing that we need to learn from the global Covid-19 pandemic situation is that nothing is stagnant and change is inevitable. We need to keep innovating ourselves to survive and thrive too!

What is International Book fair?

Virtual is the new normal and so like never before, International Book fair Online has gained momentum all across the world for survival and visibility!

And why not! Especially when our youngest generation, our children also have adjusted and adapted to the virtual platform for their growth and development.

So first let us understand what exactly is meant by an “International Book fair Online”!

As you must know, a Professional Book fair plays a vital role in publishing. It allows publishers, agents, distributors, and retailers to meet and do business. Media and public attention are aimed to be drawn to the book industry and authors are present in the book fair to interact and that gives them a platform to meet the public too.

The same concept of a professional book fair is translated on the virtual platform connecting publishers, agents, distributors, retailers, and authors from all across the globe now.

When this happens virtually on a global platform it is called an “International Book Fair Online”

I am sure you agree that as humans till we see the benefits; we ignore the world’s best of ideas owing to lack of interest, knowledge and change that requires a mind shift.

So, let’s talk about the benefits of participating in an Online International Book Fair…

By now, I am sure you are convinced to take part in the International Book Fair Online and so here are some links to the Online International Books fairs being conducted globally.

1. Access to multiple authors, publishing house on one platform which is virtual.

2. More accessibility to people who have a fetish to read and collecting books from the

comfort of their homes, leading to more virtual footfalls.

3. For authors and publishing houses an opportunity to bring new books to a variety of

readers from across the globe, leading to growth in their fan base, sales and promotion

of their books.

4. It provides a strong and lucrative opportunity for networking.

5. An event to realize key trends through panel discussions, presentations and seminars

at the online International book fairs.

6. These fairs promote a channel to achieve sales, communication, and marketing for


7. You get an opportunity to network with other publishing houses and authors on the first

1-2 days of the fair before it opens up to the public.

8. An opportunity to network globally with different countries on one platform without \

traveling, contributing majorly to cost management.

9. Press coverage achieved at the fair provides the additional push to your visibility.

10. Online International Book fairs are easy and cost-effective to set up and, it allows you to

pass on the cost savings to the participants, leading to better engagement and sales.

By now, do you want to take part in the Online International Book Fair? So, here are some links to the Online International Books fairs being conducted globally.


  1. Abu Dhabi International Book fair ( Date: May-23-20, 2021)

  2. The International Book Arsenal Festival KYIV, UKRAINE (May-26-30, 2021)

  3. Prague International Book Fair-Czech Republic (June- 10-13, 2021)

  4. London Book Fair, UK (June-July-29-1st,2021)

  5. Honking Book Fair, China (July-14-20,2021)

  6. Ghana International Book Fair, Ghana (July-14-20,2021)

  7. Goteborg book festival, Sweden (September-23-26, 2021)

  8. Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany (October-20-24, 2021)

  9. Rome Book Fair, Italy (December-date to be announced)

  • A must attend is the Frankfurt Book Fair because it stands as the largest book fair globally with the best of publishing house and authors participating and an enormous turnout of book lovers.

  • These Online International Book Fairs also provide a unique opportunity to create an awareness of your frontline that are your newly published collection of books and as well create a recall for the collection of books you already have with you.

  • These online book fairs witness a great amount of audience from children, parents, teachers, and schools as they are always on a lookout for a wide variety of quality children’s books and every online book fair has a dedicated section for this, there is a huge demand for books from this community which will never get exhausted.

  • The next question that may pop into your head could be “how do you get to take part in an International Online Book Fair?”

  • The Book fair organization announces a general Invite for publishing houses and authors to take part in their Online Book fairs which would be released on their social media platform. Thus you will have to keep track of their website or get in touch with them for participation opportunities.

  • Some lucky ones, in recognition of their work, get a personalized invite from the organizing team of the book fair.

Get geared to take part at one of the International Book Fair online, and explore best platform for your book!

Please do like and share this information to all aspiring authors and also comment and let's discuss more about book marketing.

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