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Review from The Prairie Book Review

Home Children's Fiction Learning Together with Sally and Kate by Sarah K. Taber Learning Together with Sally and Kate by Sarah K. Taber By theprairiesbookreview on October 20, 2020 • ( 0 ) Educational and thorough fun… Two best friends, Sally and Kate teach young children basic math concepts in this engaging picture book by Taber. When it comes to learning shapes and numbers, what could be the better way to do it while playing? That’s what the best friends, Sally and Kate, are doing: they are building a snowman. It takes them three circles in different sizes to make the snowman’s body. For every step, the best friends introduce a new number and a different shape: they use two olives for the eyes and one triangle shaped carrot for the nose. As they build, they count and experiment with all kind of shapes from squares to circles, diamonds, ovals, and hexagons and rectangles. The shapes–obsessed readers will be delighted further as the satisfying ending unfolds a plethora of imaginative, fun activities to explore, encouraging them to exercise their creative powers. Taber’s playful tone and child-appropriate vocabulary will hit the spot with young readers. A separate drawing of different geometric shapes makes it easy for the youngsters to memorize them, and the blank pages at the end are perfect for little artists to practice their drawing skills. The bold and vibrant colored illustrations make a pleasant impact while clearly depicting the book’s central theme. This educational, fun book will give little readers plenty to pour over while inspire them to venture outside and create art of their own. With its joyful way to teach children about shapes and numbers, the book is a must-have for little ones’ bedside shelves.

Learning Together with Sally and Kate

By Sarah K. Taber

Dorrance Pub Co

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Pub date June 29, 2020

ISBN 978-1645301080

Price $20.00 (USD) Paperback, $7.58 Kindle edition

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